5 Minute CBD Chocolate Bar :

CBD chocolate bars are for sale almost everywhere. Why spend money when you can make these delicious bars at home. In just a couple of minutes, you can create a cannabis chocolate bar that tastes great and is quick to make. Choose your own flavors and CBD dose to make a perfectly customized CBD chocolate bar.

What ingredients do I need to make this cannabis infused chocolate bar?

Excitingly, this recipe requires only two ingredients. Grab a chocolate bar and CBD tincture and you’re ready to go! Do you need to make a CBD tincture?

How do I start my CBD chocolate bar?

The rest of the recipe is pretty straight forward. Melt the chocolate, add your CBD tincture, pour the chocolate in any kind of mold, and let it cool to harden.

How can I make my weed chocolate bar more exciting?

This recipe is sure to delight. Select a delicious chocolate bar as your base. If you are using plain chocolate, consider adding flavors to make your bar even more delicious.

Feel free to mix in your favorite type of nuts for a little crunch. Try adding orange zest for a fresh citrus flavor. Add sea salt for an incredible savory yet sweet combination.

Furthermore, you can add both CBD and THC to your recipe. Try adding THC Butter to your mix to elicit psychoactive effects.

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