Guava Leaf Zinc

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Omica is proud to share a new plant-based zinc formulation derived from organic guava leaf, It offers superior absorption compared to common elemental zinc supplements because of its total water solubility. It is formulated with 100% organic plant material and is preservative-free and has undergone minimal processing to preserve the overall integrity of the complex array of micronutrients found in Guava leaf.

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Enjoy these amazing benefits from Guava leaf zinc

The knowledge of zinc’s medicinal power is not a new breakthrough

Old time medicine cabinets and apothecary formulations showcase zinc’s power and the history of the knowledge of this profound medicine. During this global health panic of 2021, it once again re-established its place in humanity’s health awareness as a decidedly anti-viral mineral. Beyond this, It is indeed a precious metal and essential mineral that massively influences proper hormonal balance, skin healing, protein and DNA synthesis, sexual health, as well as chronic inflammation. Everything from hair loss, to wound healing, erectile dysfunction and digestive issues can be traced back to a deficiency of zinc so it is on the radar of major factors to look for when approaching a myriad of health challenges.

Special formulation

That enhances the intracellular zinc levels by ensuring full absorption into the cells so zinc can perform its powerful immune-enhancing work. OMICAs guava leaf paste Zinc tonic offers an excellent array of adaptogenic herbs as well as flavonoids rich plants that help the cells accept zinc so inter-cellular levels are adequate and the healing and protective qualities of zinc are fully utilized without overwhelming the fine balance of micronutrients

The power of medicine 

that closely resembles nature is often the safest form to take because of the balanced nature achieves through millions of years of evolution. Wind dried, low processed paste taken from guava leaf, one of the highest plant sources of zinc, offers all the advantages of zinc in an organic form- ensuring good absorption with a gentler formulation out of the respect for the fine micronutrient balance needed. The combination of zinc & HCQ that has been used in different epochs of medicine, and rose to fame this past year, is simply a combination where the old malarial drug, HCQ, is used to facilitate the cell’s ability to absorb zinc to limit viral replication and stop the viral spread in the body. We can achieve some of the same effects in a safer plant-based form, limiting any potential side effects or toxicities.