The Secret Healing Nature of Pine- a Wildcrafted Medicine for our Time

In this age of navigating challenging health situations, we often feel helpless because of the onslaught of fear and conflicting information regarding health. One amazing gift offered from nature comes from coniferous trees, especially the pine tree. It can relieve some of the side effects of the pandemic and so it is a pr  This substance is called Suramin, and it can help to regulate metabolic activity, protect against blood clotting as well as inhibit out-of-control DNA replication. It is not a new discovery, however. A drug by the same name, inspired by the same biochemical molecule found in pine, has been known to assist in a variety of illnesses and conditions from cancer to autism for many years. It is not permitted in medical regimes in North America for all of these illnesses, so it remains an esoteric subject in medicine.


This little-known medicinal pine needle can play a role in reducing these risks associated with unwanted side effects of the pandemic and its treatments. Spike proteins which can interfere with normal metabolic function and blood clotting as well can be potentially managed by the use of this medicine.

This is quite impressive for a folk remedy and native medicine that has been cherished long before any of this research was done. In the earlier eras of medicine, the decoction of pine needle tea was one of the most potent and common ways to fend off scurvy for those learning to survive North American winters. Fast-forwarding to present times, it is noteworthy how some research is touting that “suramin and its derivatives are at least 20-fold more potent than remdesivir, the currently approved nucleotide drug for the treatment of our current pandemic.”

 If you don’t have pine products for purchase, or not sure of the product quality- then you can indeed source some of your own and help your body fortify itself from the undesirable side effects associated with the pandemic. It is important to know that it is to be avoided during pregnancy, and the right types of Pines should not be confused with the Yew Tree, a common look-alike. Ponderosa Pine is a species that is also known to contain toxic elements and should be avoided. Eastern White Pine has the highest amount, but other firs and other varieties of pine are safe alternatives. The new green needles can be a good source of suramin through various extraction methods including teas, essential oils, and hydrosols.

These simple and natural herbal medicines can help your body build immunity, prevent blood clots and any unwanted excess DNA activity that isn't in harmony with the body's natural template.