The Seven Ways The CBD Industry Will Change After COVID-19.


The Seven Ways The Cannabis Industry Will Change After COVID-19.

1.) Automated Grow Rooms
Looking to reduce labor costs and increase productivity gains, cannabis businesses will flock to automation
2.) Pathogen Detection Policies
State and local government as well insurance companies will insist on pathogen testing and disclosures
3.) Contactless Delivery
Customers will demands a frictionless transaction with zero hand-to-hand contact
4.) Discounted Gift Cards
Discounted gift cards give cannabis businesses cash now, and you a discount later, everybody wins
5.) Results Only Business Partners
Mature cannabis will allow startups in to help them, but only pay if they can help them save or make money
6.) Commercial Drones Helping Cannabis Businesses
Our new digital shepherds will guard the flock of flowers and bring us key insights
7.) Virtual Reality Education and Training for Cannabis Employees
Why tie up resources and key personnel in costly training when a customized virtual reality app can do it?